Huawei Honor 7i Released- Flip Camera + Side Fingerprints

Huawei Honor 7i Released- Flip Camera + Side Fingerprints


On the August 20th, Huawei published a new phone- Huawei Honor 7i, Camera is the same as exposure, it is special, but it can’t move, it’s flip.

Huawei Honor 7i 1
Compare to Huawei Honor 7, Huawei honor 7i frame feels round, frame material changes into plastic, the most shiny thing is flip 13.0MP Sony camera, it supports 180 degree, and can weight 50 kg, support to overturn more than 100000 times.
Huawei Honor 7i 3

Otherwise, another lightspot about Huawei Honor 7i, the fuselage side buttons integrates the function of fingerprint identification, the official claims this is the industry’s smallest fingerprint module.

Any other aspects, Huawei Honor 7i owns 5.2 inch 1080p screen, carries Snapdragon 616, you can choose 2GB and 3GB version, battery is 3100mAh.
Huawei Honor 7i 4
About the phone’s price, Huawei Honor 7i has 4 versions, mobile version is US$270, another two versions are US$290, US$320. it will be sale on Septenber.

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