Huawei Honor 7 First Testing- Metal Appearance Good Website Phone

Huawei Honor 7 First Testing- Metal Appearance Good Website Phone


Huawei Honor 7 First Testing

Huawei Honor 7 has been published recently, can it still keep the good selling record the same as last year? let’s us look at Huawei Honor 7 First Testing.

Huawei Honor 7 First Testing 1

Huawei Honor 7 First Testing- The Appearance Design

As Honor flagship series of sequel, Honor 7 learned last year 6 “on the back for the glass fabric instead of glass” this user feedback, on the back use the metal texture, this point are reflected on the handle and weight. Body weight 157 g, the thickness of 8.5 mm, a slightly thick on appearance, hand feeling good.

Huawei Honor 7 Unboxing (2)

Honor 7 still USES the negative LCD technology, 5.2 inches + 1080 p combination indeed shows good effect: show sharp edge, color contrast is gorgeous but not distortion.

But when you move the line of sight to the edge of the screen, see BM black border region, the full praise has some discount, ointment.

Huawei Honor 7 Unboxing (3)

Again the front, it is not hard to see the top position is more intensive. In addition to the receiver, sensors, front cameras, Honor 7 also equipped with a front autodyne fill light lambency lamp. Cooperate with pre – 800 w pixels, the front autodyne hard quality at least increase a lot.


Virtual buttons, be honor series so over the years has always insisted on a part. By now the control area location, can customize the buttons such as notification bar drop-down, return key and the menu keys, are able to custom.

In addition, the honor 6 at the same time also introduced a appear to be a sticker, like to make full use of the screen the user can also use virtual buttons. It should be said that only from the openness and playability these two aspects, the honor do for perfection.

Huawei Honor 7 Unboxing (6) Huawei Honor 7 Unboxing (5)


Is a one-piece volume key and unlock key, the right body on the left side of the rapid awakened intelligent voice of spirit key; In addition to improve the voice control convenience, also improved in speech recognition effect and function, these we speak again on the back.

Also need to pay attention to the honor 7 adopted with or SIM card, that is to say the TF card memory expansion and double card double stay of the two, you can only select a function.

Huawei Honor 7 Unboxing (9)

In addition, because for the first time with metal body, it is possible that in order to and other product line product away spreads, honor 7 whether from any perspective frames are thick.

Huawei Honor 7 Unboxing (10)

The back of the fuselage three-step design, metal accounted for a big part. Back left fingerprints unlock without the metal ring, touch feel more smooth; Decline in glory at the same time also gives the keys: notification menu, open different scenarios mode and take photos, payment and other functions, is fingerprint developing comprehensive one.

Honor at the top and bottom out a lot of position is used to Signal overflow, according to the glory series netcom, Signal + technology to enhance and improve Signal technology, WLAN + technology research and development of these unique features, the reserved more signals overflow is taken for granted. In fact, many users choose the glory, also has its signal advantage in it.

Huawei Honor 7 First Testing- The Camera
Honor is equipped with 20 million pixels of the camera and 8 million pixels front-facing camera, and to provide double color temperature flash and front autodyne fill light. On the parameters, such a lens combination to achieve the current level of flagship. Below, we through the actual sample to see the glory of 7 pictures.
Huawei Honor 7 Unboxing (17)Huawei Honor 7 Unboxing (20)


Beijing during the review has been cloudy, so even under the condition of outdoors, shoot the light is not very ideal, so we only choose a few indoor photo sample for your reference.

Honor 7 default output photos for 16:9 format, from the point of sample, the first indoor white balance is accurate, while the second colour too saturated condition, so taken food, of course, more to please the eye.

Thanks to 20 million pixel sensor, the glory of 7 cameras did well in detail resolving power.

Honor built-in sealed battery 3100 mah, consistent with the generation of the glory of up to six. Because the evaluation time is limited, we didn’t make detailed test to the life of the machine. Through this machine’s hardware configuration, 6 should be close to their life expression and glory.

Huawei Honor 7 Unboxing (23) Huawei Honor 7 Unboxing (24)

Huawei Honor 7 First Testing- Conclusion
All of above, Huawei Honor 7 in feel, texture, voice intelligent control and function of this a few big big rise; Including communications, long life, all of the advantages of the fingerprint identification part, can inherit, only from the experience can be a good product.

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