Halfbike- Have More Fun To Ride Bicycle

Halfbike- Have More Fun To Ride Bicycle


Do you have the same problems?

Want to move back and forth in the busy streets, experience the bustling city, enjoy the beauty of the city?Not crowded bus to and from work?At that time, “bust” bicycle Halfbike is your best choice.
Halfbike 1

Halfbike Detail Introduce:

The intelligent vehicle is the startup of Velo Labs products, it has built-in accelerator, Wifi and bluetooth, when detect someone move the bike will be alert to the user’s mobile phone.Users can set “sensitivity” anti-theft locks, make sure that is really anyone want to steal a car, not accidentally touched.
Halfbike 2

Halfbike Function

Kolelinia is a group of young people looking for alternative transportation system formed in the research lab, based in Tucson, Arizona, Halfbike is their new product.
Halfbike designed for short walking in the city, no general bicycle saddle, hand, adopt the front-wheel drive.Two small rear wheel fixed between the main frame and the spring, this design can make the car driver tilt to adjust the direction of the body.
Halfbike 3
Compared with ordinary bicycles, Halfbike designs flexibility is higher, better operability, can better adapt to the narrow lane road city. Cancelled the car seat due to its design at the same time, so the rider when riding need to constantly adjust the hip, hip muscles, it also let it become a kind of effective fitness tool. If you want to know more information, you can go to here:Fastcardtech.com because they offer the cheap & valued & free shipping goods, the site is founded in 2003, already 12 years old!