GuangYu Lights – Green Plants “Egg” Science Technology On Desk

GuangYu Lights – Green Plants “Egg” Science Technology On Desk


GuangYu Lights Beginning

Don’t know since when, microscopic plants spread to the whole plant market, climbed up the tens of millions of the corner of desk and family, also of the hearts of his sister. But the microscopic plants in addition to ornamental can only watch. Today introduced a refreshing microscopic plants – GuangYu Lights.

The Lights Introduce

Developed by Beijing in the green ecological technology co., LTD. The language of light, it is not only a little green plant habitat, but also to display rack, receive a case, aromatherapy, and other functions, and scene breathing lamp, bluetooth speakers, ecological alarm clock, or even close social tools and other high-tech as a whole.

GuangYu Lights Shape Introduce

Its appearance using bionics design, like an egg, contracted and not simple, it means that gave birth to a new life. Overall rounded lines smooth, elliptic double shell of each force is the same uniform, designers hope the light can bring a sense of security, care, and breed good hope. Its height of 500 px, 350 px wide, on the table is of meng da. At the same time, adopted before 25 degrees Angle display, one of the LED module sector font, let the language display and light, the outer wall of the circular arc Angle, making it easy for users to comfortable and convenient to read the Numbers.

GuangYu Lights Technology

Light connected by bluetooth 4.0, use with the APP. Mobile phone APP users can download the language of light, it is suitable for various versions and powerful as a mobile phone users can understand plant environment curve through the APP, water set reminder, adjust atmosphere the light intensity and the size of the volume, also can give Ta draw unique code, at the same time can enjoy happy time login graffiti square. The language of light to cheer the user warm experience.

GuangYu Lights Function

Built-in LED cold light source, light for the green plant fill light, that prevent the leaves turn yellow. LED life of 50000 hours, brightness is 60 lm MAX. In addition, the built-in temperature and humidity sensors, temperature test range of 0-50 degrees, humidity test range is 20% – 90% RH, can monitor the environment temperature and humidity of the plants, plant growth environment curve and comply with the APP.
Ecological alarm clock & bluetooth speaker, we should all be fed up with mobile phone alarm clock in the morning the sudden shocks, and the light language selection from the sea, the mountains of the voice of nature as the alarm clock, the bell rings from low to high, not very abrupt, with gradually awakened lights let you every day to wake up from the nature. In addition, the language of light is carefully designed bluetooth speakers sound like ancient symbols, through which users can play any music mobile phone.

Password (SMS) light, which belongs to the language of light a unique function. Drawing code by mobile phones, to send to each other, each other, after receipt of the secret language of language by scanning optical decryption, mobile phone interface by the halo code mapping process. This will bring people who love each other is not as warm and fresh experience. But only if the two people have a lovely light.

Five kinds of mode, language of light based on the relationship of human body physiology heart rate and color psychology, scientific proportioning tempted, vibration, warm heart, reading and meditation five light mode, combine breathing, light color and music, the user can adjust the color freely according to the mood. It also supports sleep patterns, you can set the timing lights gradual closure.Do you think it is very interesting and useful? This kind of things is a new improvement for our live. And one day, our live will be more and more convenient whih this kin of high-tech. If you want to know more information, you can go to because they offer the cheap & valued & free shipping goods, the site is founded in 2003, already 12 years old!