Gionee M5 4G Phone Review- 5.5 HD 6020mAh Android 5.1 Phone

Gionee M5 4G Phone Review- 5.5 HD 6020mAh Android 5.1 Phone


Gionee M5 4G Phone Review

At the beginning of last month, Gionee brought a flagship of super-long life hone- Gionee M5, built-in double core battery, the total capacity of 6020 mah, so-called mild users can use four days, heavy users also can use 2 days, how is Gionee M5 4G Phone Review? let’s take a look.
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Gionee M5 packing box is not very big, just hold the mobile phone body, white lift cover design is also the mainstream of nowadays.

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Configuration, in addition to some horrible 6020 mAh high capacity battery, Gionee M5 also equipped with a 5.5 -inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, screen display effect is gorgeous enough, but the resolution of 720 p has some not too enough, since the battery reached more than 6000 mah, believe that the 1080 p will have advantage in life.

The root cause of not have whole High-definition screens is processor choice, Gionee M5 carry MT6735 processor, its support is the biggest screen resolution 720 p, but integrated baseband is better, to support dual sim card all netcom. The machine has a built-in 2 gb memory + 16 gb storage, fuselage cameras combination to pre – 5 million pixels + 13 million megapixel camera. Run the Amigo OS 3.0 system based on Android 5.1.

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Gionee M5 statistics is 152 x76x8. 5 mm, 214 g weight compare in the hands of a firm, but the thickness is not thick, although battery capacity reached almost normal cell phone twice, actual body thickness is only 8.5 mm, so get in the hands of thick but not have weight.

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This machine has three colors: black, white, gold, we get the white version, the side USES the aluminum alloy material, the back shell is plastic, metal plating process, all surfaces are dumb light is not only enhance the aesthetic, but also not easily infected with fingerprint.

At the same time, in order to get good handle feeling, after the metal shell and at the side of the connecting form curve, it’s borders on both sides of the chamfering processing, one integrated mass feeling more intense as a whole.
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Gionee M5 used the ultra narrow edge design, positive and concise, simple but elegant three buttons at the bottom of is consistent with Xiaomi note, from left to right are multitasking, Home button, return key. Keys do not support the backlight, but the reflective effect is enough to clear.
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The main camera is located in the upper left corner back, although the fuselage is thin enough, but the camera was still out. It also has a large aperture F / 2.0, you can like the iPhone 6 implementation phase focus and do the extreme focus with 0.25 seconds left.

After the speaker is located in the lower shell, using the embedded BOX structure design, monomer choosing AAC latest 0916 high power high sensitive unit, the unit is monomer with NXP TFA9890 SmartPA developed a speaker, optimized design in the speaker amplitude symmetry, which can realize the Hi – Fi listening effect.
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Top provides an infrared emitter, mobile phone has a built-in related remote APP, can realize the TV remote control, TV box, air conditioning and other household appliances.

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Double card netcom is one of the highlights, the machine all support mobile, unicom, telecom all 4 g / 3 g / 2 g network. Storage, in addition to supporting the 16 gb of storage, it also supports the largest extension 128 gb Micro SD card, and can be read usb OTG.


Gionee M5 based on single point of breakthrough, the range of the user do the perfection.

First in terms of open source, 6020 mah double core is best, and function of fast charging, charging time and general mobile phone does not have the too big difference. A number of “power saving mode” combination also provides a powerful guarantee for life.

In addition to the open source, gionee M5 also did a lot of compromise, in terms of MT6735, or by the processor 720 p display, “drag” are at the entry level, further improve the range from the Angle of low power consumption.

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If you always holding the phone after drama, or regrets for mobile life can’t always stick to home, just want a life not only the most to force more powerful mobile phone, believe Gionee M5 won’t let you down.

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