Meizu Pro 6 Release: 4.6 Inch Screen Flagship

Meizu Pro 6 Release: 4.6 Inch Screen Flagship


Meizu Pro 6 Release: 4.6 Inch Screen Flagship

Meizu are prepareing for Meizu new flagship- Meizu Pro 6, about this phone, it will take Helio X25 processor, the design will be beautiful and fashion. Meizu Pro 6 release, let’s see some details.

Meizu Pro 6 Release 1

Yesterday, there is a running score picture on the GeekBench, single thread 2060 score, multithreading 5317 score, today, a new leaked on the website, new score is single thread 1382, multithreading score is 5288, the old one is 1.85GHz, the latter is 1.55GHz.

Meizu Pro 6 Release 2

From this photo we can see, the improvement of single thread is very obvious. Because the high Helio X25 is 2.5GHz, so this phone will performance very well.

Otherwise, according to configuration diagram, Meizu Pro 6 will take 4.6 inch 1080p screen, it owns 3/4GB two versions, 32GB storage, 5.0MP front camera and 20.0MP rear camera, it will support Touch ID function.

Meizu Pro 6 Release 3

Meizu Pro 6 will be a good phone, if you are interested in this phone, I also recommend a good online store: here. It provides cheap and valued Meizu phones.