Ecoisme- A Product Can Know Where Is Your Battery

Ecoisme- A Product Can Know Where Is Your Battery


Ecoisme- A Product Can Know Where Is Your Battery

Enter the peak summer, although it is very convenient to buy electric card, but as the purchase frequency gradually increases, whether do you also have this question of “why use electricity so quickly bother? Ecoisme could help you.

Ecoisme 1
Ecoisme tests is an intelligent household hardware products, like all kinds of “box”, and as a charging treasure, anyhow is conforms to now the era of “face”. The charging treasure as long as the size of the white squares connected to main circuit in the home, after a socket, you can tell users by mobile phone or computer any electrical switch state and power consumption in the home.
Ecoisme 2

Ecoisme 3

Ecoisme can found the door not closed, or someone in your room “secretly” playing video games, these things will directly send a notification to the user’s phone; Can also be connected to the Nest and WeMo intelligent household system, and integrating their functions to an App, implement multitasking operations. In addition, if is to install solar panels of the family, Ecoisme still has an important function is to help users rational allocation of electricity, such as to alert users to which time electricity is dependent on solar power, means the most to save electricity. Such as shown below, clearly tell the user home 58% of its electricity from solar power, the rest is buying electric power system.

Ecoisme 4
Ecoisme core technologies involved in spectrum analysis and noninvasive load monitoring, the former can used to identify the mode switch electrical appliances such as TV, laptop, mobile phone charger, etc., according to their unique noise in the power system to identify; The latter can identify the simple electrical appliances, such as kettle, as shown in the figure below.

Ecoisme 5
If some special equipment is not Ecoisme automatic identification, the user can also manually add. Ecoisme to do great things, after more access to home appliance, he would become a monitoring platform, anyhow is very practical.

Ecoisme 6

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