Daobaoji Cracked Version- Leading You To The Game Kingdom

Daobaoji Cracked Version- Leading You To The Game Kingdom


Daobaoji Cracked Version

Leading You To The Game Kingdom

Daobaoji Cracked Version 1

Daobaoji Cracked Version Introduce

  • Version: v1.1
  • Size: 46.49M
  • Language: Chinese
  • Download: 13464 times
  • Release: 2015-06-01
  • Categories: Casual Puzzle
  • Apply to: Android 2.3.1 above
  • Download rates: free

Daobaoji Cracked Version 2
Daobaoji Cracked Version Offecial Instruction
Daobaoji is a development of the gold prospectors action games.
Daobaoji is a new game: wisdom and action combined with rocker, every escape will make a sense of accomplishment fullof the next enemy how to play a trick? Planning, MOE MOE scene around dangerous, want to challenge your reaction? Don’t be afraid, closely to me, we enjoy together different experience of treasure! 2 d handpainted manuscript type scenarios, let you regain the game simple and pure happiness.

Daobaoji Cracked Version Detail Instruction

Nimble, full of wisdom and resourcefulness of small stalkers will be born in your hands!

  • Real into experience

Real Angle of 45 degrees submersible game – shadow often hide the ferocious enemy, take you back to forget time, give you a very pure into experience!

  • A subtle route design in flexible fingers

Been found? Only quick stalkers can escape capture, hold rocker, hold your breath, life and death is only in a flash!

  • Burning your wisdom

Lazy enemy makes you tired? Try to close and changeable patrol route! Careful plan, seize the moment, and then set off! Natural and unrestrained shuttle in the margins of society!

  • Fine bizarre props – authority

Pins or bees? This is a question worth considering, silently is better than throwing a poisoned arrows, let the enemy fall in love, props for me to throw out, funny tragic effect makes you laugh to cramp, every pass free props gift oh!

  • Various achievements and exciting updates

More fresh stimulus levels and props will continuously on-line! Release your fingers and the brain, let us together look forward to!

To join “the jewel” of the magical world, let us through the breathtaking route, bypass the agile enemy, to become a real rogue together!

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