Coolpad 7296 ROM-Make Your Phone More Convenient

Coolpad 7296 ROM-Make Your Phone More Convenient


Coolpad 7296 ROM

Model: Coolpad
OS: 4.2 Jelly Bean
Link to Check: Coolpad 7296
Coolpad 7296 1

Coolpad 7296 Detailed features

1. Perfect use screen assistant (changan “return key” can be exhaled).
2. Perfect using a split screen assistant (changan “menu” can be exhaled).
3. Perfect use on-board voice system (support navigation).
4. Reduce fever, running stability.
5. More flat, the interface is very pure and fresh.
6. Promote the native camera focus speed.
7. Using MifavorUI WIFI driver module, WIFI strength is very good.
8. Desktop layout, concise and beautiful.

Coolpad 7296 Optimize the project Ways

1. Flash, please ahead of time data backup (recommend titanium backup, GO back up, or Chinese Recovery’s own backup function)
2. Will be downloaded ZIP format brush card package is copied to the SD card/built-in kagan directory;
3. If no special requirement, please double clear data according to individual needs (official ROM and transplant ROM brush must be double clear);
4. Cell phone turned off completely, according to the key combination manually enter Recovery mode;
5. According to the Chinese Recovery system Recovery card brush tip content, after the completion of manually restart your mobile phone!
Coolpad 7296 2

Coolpad 7296 Update ROM Download LINK

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