Coffeeboxx- Ambition, Solid Waterproof, Dustproof Coffee Machine

Coffeeboxx- Ambition, Solid Waterproof, Dustproof Coffee Machine


Coffeeboxx- Why Find This Coffee Mill

This year say coffee is a symbol of elegance, obviously has something wrong, because now people who needs coffee not only limited to sitting in the coffee shop read little books while sipping. For those people who work in extreme conditions, drink a coffee is also necessary, or we go camping needs coffee too.
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Coffeeboxx- Original:

So a company named Oxx recently launched a Coffeeboxx coffee machine, listen to this name have feeling strong and durable. Indeed, this coffee machine features is super durable, and even car on it, it doesn’t have any hurt, it is really a necessities to make coffee in difficult environment .

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Coffeeboxx- The Basic Configuration:

The company for Coffeeboxx’s propaganda is “the first in the history of rugged coffee machine“, although in a conventional environment also can produce coffee, but Oxx more recommend that people who stay in bad environment to use, such as construction sites, mechanical workshop, campground, and so on. Its durable performance seems to be beyond doubt, under pressure, fall is no problem, waterproof, dustproof, rust is also the basic configuration.
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Coffeeboxx- The Machine’s Weight:

From such a posture appear, this coffee machine, of course, also won’t be very light, as a whole about at about 11 pounds (5 kg). But for the sake of taking care of its mobility, Oxx Coffeeboxx specially equipped with a handle, can go pick it up, and the thick wire is can receive. And on the issue of making coffee, Coffeeboxx support K a cup of coffee, the other can have 8 ounces, 10 ounces, and 12 ounces of optional internal can Hold at most 84.5 ounces (2.4 kg) of water.

Coffeeboxx- The Machine’s Price:

Coffeeboxx currently logged Kickstarter fundraising site, the price is about $250, is expected at the site to drink coffee or go alone the rainforest occasionally want to drink coffee can consider.
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