Chiro Heroes Cracked Version- Unlock Whole Typing Version

Chiro Heroes Cracked Version- Unlock Whole Typing Version


Chiro Heroes Cracked Version

Leading You To The Game Kingdom

Chiro Heroes 1

Chiro Heroes Cracked Version general:

  • Version: v1.5
  • Size:63.38M
  • Language: English
  • Download: 533 times
  • Release: 2015-05-20
  • Categories:Casual puzzle
  • Apply to: Android 2.3.3 above
  • Download rates: free

Chiro Heroes 2

Chiro Heroes Cracked VersionIntroduction:

-Chiro Heroes is the Delta Duck a education class game development Studios..
Chinese copying games (Chiro Heroes) is a new type of education game, the game you will be through to a spooky: new world, learn how to master solution in addition to the magic skills to defeat the evil forces. What is called the world kung fu, cultured is fast, hate, exact. Players will fight through constant and practiced the basic Chinese characters handwriting. Game will with interesting teaching methods, patience taught how to stroke at a correct handwritten Chinese characters stroke, that don’t understand Chinese players can step by step, to learn the Chinese characters and enjoy the fun of learning Chinese. Also will continue to repeat the pronunciation of Chinese characters in the game, the new words so that players have a more profound impression, to help them easier to read. As long as grasp the essence, any opponent will be lost! Can you bravely on the solution of the trip? Can you become the best hunting of spices? You are qualified for solution of the hero to save the world? Players can through the way of the game, learn basic Chinese characters, to practice the correct words written, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of interest in learning Chinese more. Come on, solution of hero said is you! What are you waiting for? Download it now, start the game now!
Chiro Heroes 3

Chiro Heroes Cracked Version features:

  • 1. Simple teaching methods, learning handwritten words correct strokes.
  • 2. Learning to read and correct pinyin.
  • 3. New type of combat, in order to quickly handwritten words to defeat the opponent.
  • 4. Solution of skills, skills in words written to attack the enemy, or a successful defense.
  • 5. Earn gold, buy good weapon, display a variety of killer response.
  • 6. 43, 71 new words skill skilled, recruit through eight kinds of situation, an impossible task.
  • 7. Includes reading model, both in English and Chinese to choose.

Chiro Heroes 5

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