Castaway 2 Cracked- Charge Level Crack Games

Castaway 2 Cracked- Charge Level Crack Games


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Castaway 2 Cracked Versions

Castaway 2 Cracked Versions Introduction

Castaway 2 is the G5 Entertainment developed a kind of casual puzzle game.
Highly anticipated, dynamic simulation game the continuation of the island the rest of my life is now launched!Start this incredible adventure, changed the lives of island tribe.Once again trapped on the island for time travel, to uncover islands in the history of the lost things before landing ship.Deciphering the riddle of refractory, become a tribal new hero.Exploring the beautiful large islands, learn to fish, insect, shooting birds and wild boar, engaged in planting and harvesting, learn to cook cooking, making bows and arrows, cut down a tree, or even practicing magic!
Making potions, and when you explore dangerous swamps woodland and mysterious ancestors, always remember protection.Alert to complete a “rare collection” and help scientist professor lang, strange.To meet with all the residents on the island, uncover numerous tribal secret, see who will become the new island keeper.Through many challenging tasks, finally you will be able to find the cause of the tribe to leave their villages, and know the appearance of the temple was originally, then you will unlock the great mystery.
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Castaway 2 Detailed features

Colorful giant islands, waiting for you to explore.

  • More than 300 interesting tasks, waiting for you to complete.
  • Low 16 beautiful original character.
  • 28 rare items, waiting for you to professor lang’s collection.
  • 11 unique recipe, waiting for you to master the master.
  • Dozens of vegetables, herbs and fruit, wait you to grow.
  • Low gripping story plot and charismatic artists.

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The Test Model

Castaway 2 Cracked 3

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The Download LINK

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