BaseCamp-The Most Energy-efficient Power Generation Stove

BaseCamp-The Most Energy-efficient Power Generation Stove



Do you have the same problems?

Someone doesn’t experienc won’t know, In the summer night, have a party near the river or sea, eat barbecue is how comfortable thing.There is only one thing to think is lighting problem, in the dark, burnt food may not clear, from British BioLite BaseCamp cook stove not only can be used as a common kitchen utensils and appliances, also can power generation, you don’t need to carry with a series of lighting equipment can be economical to run.

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BaseCamp Detail Introduce:

BaseCamp so special is that it has an orange power unit, a heat generator here quietly.Generator is able to heat into electricity from the burning of wood, the generated electricity will drive the blower for the combustion chamber blast enhance combustion, the remaining energy can through the USB interface for charging your device.
Under the action of blower, BaseCamp can reduce 90% smoke, the lumber utilization rate and will be increased by 50%, you don’t have to worry about the smoky, and greatly reduce the consumption of the wood.
And USB interface can be constant voltage of 5v output, you can use it to recharge cell phones or other electronic equipment, or to light USB bulbs lighting solution.BioLite company also as the power unit is configured with a battery, which means there’s no fire you can also use it when charging.

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The Price Of BaseCamp:

The stove is arguably the most energy conservation and environmental protection of wood stove, if you are looking for a new home barbecue equipment, road trips or camping equipment, it will be your best option.The BioLite BaseCamp Kickstarter reservations by the United States, the lowest price is $299.

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