Ayo Intelligent Glasses- Wake Up Immediately When You Feel Tired

Ayo Intelligent Glasses- Wake Up Immediately When You Feel Tired


Do You Have The Same Problems?

Often have friends complained to me about the poor quality of sleep, poor appetite, and malaise easily. More often, small make up in the morning to chat, reason is insomnia, if it is in this state for a long time, I’m afraid not to drink cans pick-me-up can solve the problem. Small make up today to see this smart glasses, shine at the moment! The Ayo intelligent glasses said popular point is can give you a “heart” at any time.
Ayo Intelligent Glasses 1

Ayo Intelligent Glasses Detail Features

With traditional intelligent glasses can answer the phone, navigation, and even see the face is the difference is that this kind of Ayo function is just the light emission and to bring the wearer endless power. From the appearance point of view, this kind of Ayo overall framework adopts the folding of high quality material, and built-in sensors and all kinds of rechargeable batteries. In addition, Ayo light coming from next to the wearer’s glasses, you can let the wearer also can remain highly concentrated in the night, will not hinder the wearer the way forward. It is understood that the light will be like sunshine to the wearer’s eyes, and the process also triggers retinal ganglion cells to send signals to the brain, so as to achieve energy, instant, regulating effect and so on day and night.

Ayo Intelligent Glasses 2
Or more simply, sunshine in the winter time is much shorter than in summer. But if you use this kind of Ayo believe the long cold winter will be better, and exclusive winter depression will also be reduced accordingly. Or if you travel frequently need to jet lag, the Ayo intelligent glasses is artifact. In addition, with all the smart devices, the Ayo has built-in bluetooth module, and can pass the application to carry out various operations on mobile devices. Ayo the raise price is now $169, listed is expected after the retail price of $299. If all carried out in accordance with the original plan, will officially start shipment in December this year.
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