Aurum Blade Cracked Versions- Role Playing Game

Aurum Blade Cracked Versions- Role Playing Game


Aurum Blade 1

Aurum Blade Cracked Versions

Aurum Blade Cracked Versions Introduction

Aurum Blade is a 2D action RPG game.
Aurum Blade’s picture is very gorgeous action role-playing game. In the Game’s beginning players need choose one from the three protagonists into the process, three protagonists are respectively equipped with a short sword and shield young knight Allen, handheld epee power teenagers session with Sigmund and the sorceress Enoshu beauty and wisdom. Three protagonists plot line are the same, just reflect occupational differences in the game will be different for the acquisition of skills.

Aurum Blade 2
Choose good leading role then you go into the beginning of the plot, after the villain of the crisis, innocent people were implicated, the leading role of our mission, to stand up, beat back BOSS summoned several Tony, but helpless strength difference, be BOSS a recruit to the ground.After wake up, she found herself by town residents (in fact it’s village) saved.Originally in the leading role this time to fall asleep, the puzzling was occupied, the forces of evil in the mouth from the villagers understand this situation, Main Role decided to save humanity, continuously hone their revenge waiting for one day with the Boss.
Aurum Blade 3
With the left side of the town a MM dialogue can buy a monthly bleeding and back to magic props, although these can brush to in the maze, prophase can buy some emergency use.Can also buy roll back to town, but the price is expensive force.Town center the treasure chest is equal to the storage warehouse, can will fall out of the maze by various material properties here.Town there were two point with yellow mark is the door of the dragon, need to have a ticket to get in (is actually pass ticket), passage after use the coupon will somehow lost, that the door is leveling at ordinary times, the last BOSS fight.The bottom is the point of transfer between the towns, need to be able to open one by one.The NPCS in the town can receive side quests for drama mentioned below.The export of town at the top, the village is a tower, and six maze of portal.Six portal will lead to edge of the stone, iron blades, the blade of the blade of ice and fire, the blade of the blade of silver and gold that six maze.Of course pass to send door to open the plot moving one by one, each through a maze, I will get the corresponding Blade strength, learn to a strong skill.

Aurum Blade Cracked Versions Game operation:

Aurum Blade 4

The operation of the game interface: virtual buttons on the left is four direction, practice some stiff, is not very smooth.Virtual buttons on the right side of a pile of deadly, circle pattern is attack/dialogue/pick up props key, in addition to the several loops are skills drug shortcuts, the bottom is the shortcut bar before and after switching.Such a small button does have some difficult to play, the standard four direction and games of 45 ° depression Angle and some do not take tone, people walk a slightly harder to control.Touch screen operation of endemic disease, don’t worry about.Picture to the left shows the red HP groove, blue magic groove, yellow experience value and the current character level.Click the “pause” icon will bring up the menu interface, you can view your characters status, change equipment, learning/changing skills and so on.In the middle of the SHOP is actually a built-in pay store, selling rare weapons and equipment and so on.At the same time also SAVE option, enter the maze game, in addition to any other scenario can be archived, players remember good file before you exit.The top right is the mini map.

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