Atmoph Window- Let Windows Take You To The Views You Want To...

Atmoph Window- Let Windows Take You To The Views You Want To See


Atmoph Window- Let Window Take You To The Views You Want To See

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Look At A New Find- Atmoph Window

Everyday life in the city, opened the window to see traffic, flashing lights, hear is full of the flavor of industrial machinery. How long have we been close to the nature? You must be tired from day to day life in the same place, so today bring Window, a Window ~ Atmoph window can really let you enter a space, can let you truly see different scenery, different local conditions and customs of the city.
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Atmoph Window Detail Features

This window is a digital, users to put it on my desk or hang on the wall, you can see the beauty of nature and cities all over the world of video and hear the real sound.
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Not only that, but it can also be like your cell phone screen display time, date, weather, and calendar, let your eyes from a mobile phone.
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It is also an alarm clock, can let you wake up in the natural and happy birds. Its built-in proximity sensor, as long as you put your hand in front of it, you can shut off the alarm!

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How To Use Atmoph Window?

Users only need to via cell phone or Apple Watch can to control it. If you feel any change of scenery will trouble every day, open its intelligent scheduling functions, can automatically according to different times of the day change of scenery.

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At present, any window is Kickstarter to raise, oak, walnut, white and black can choose,
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