360Fly Sport Camera- A Camera Owns Widest Vision In The World

360Fly Sport Camera- A Camera Owns Widest Vision In The World


360Fly Sport Camera

All of us know, Go Pro is sport camera’s benchmarking product, many sport camera has a big extent continues Go Pro style, but a product not only has certain style, why is sport camera not circle? 360Fly sport camera is circle.
360Fly Sport Camera 1

360Fly sport camera looks like a tennis, it can Hand-held or fixed on the sport helmet. it shoots vision coverage level is 360 ° and 240 ° vertically, official says it is one of the world vision’s broad camera. otherwise, it also owns waterproof function, The highest distance can be used in 5m underwater.
360Fly Camera 2
360Fly owns 16GB storage, it can shoot 2 hours panoramic video. although panoramic video takes bigger storage than traditional camera, the finally files size is not big.
360Fly Sport Camera 4
‘360Fly sport camera shoot video is a little bigger than conventional HD video.‘ EyeSee360’s manager Amey Kanade announced: ‘So far, the video size also is not a problem for us.’ except 360Fly sport camera, EyeSee360 also sell a 360MicroFly removable camera, it can use in iPhone and Android phone.
360Fly Sport Camera 3
Two machines both support interactive panoramic video shooting, you can be convenient. the price of this camera US$399.99, focus on this website, and we will give you rhe newest thing to you. I also recommend a good website:Fastcardtech.com here. This website is very good. because they offer the cheap & valued & free shipping goods, the site is founded in 2003, already 12 years old!